Whether your flyer is for social media, to be printed out for an event, or emailed to a group of attendees, we can create it for you! And it will be stunning...we promise!


You will receive your flyer in  .png .pdf & .jpeg. files


Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to creating for you!

Flyer Design

  • Turn around time is up to 5 business days, can be sooner. Your flyer will be delivered to you via Google Drive, emailed to you directly, and/or shared with you on Dropbox.  Please specify your desired delivery method in the notes section at checkout. Also specify what you are looking for in terms of the design, examples, or descriptive language to help us create the best flyer for you. Please send all information to support@blueblanks.com

  • Once a payment is made and your order is placed,  you have 1 (one) business day to cancel your order for a full return. After one business day there is a no refund policy.